Saturday, February 7, 2015

New Retirement Home!

Just sold!

I'm excited to announce that a friend and client now has his dream retirement home in Kitsap County. Being an avid fisherman, kayaker and gardener he can now enjoy all of these things and more just a step away from Gamble Bay near Kingston! 

I had a lot of fun finding properties near or on the water in Kitsap county throughout the summer and fall. We would do our touring and then find a nice place to have happy hour or dinner. 

I think he will love living near Kingston, Hansville, Poulsbo and Bainbridge as there are so many great community events and excellent restaurants. Access to the water and wilderness areas is also very easy - not much traffic! 

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Community Partnership Program

I just signed up Washington Water Trails to the Coldwell Banker Bain Community Partnership program!
Each time a Washington Water Trails member buys or sells a home with me, Coldwell Banker Bain will donate an amount equal to 10 percent of his/her commission to Washington Water Trails.
If you have a favorite organization, please let me know and I will get them signed up!
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Thursday, March 6, 2014

Ryan Lewis buys the Elgin's Waterfront Home

I toured the Elgin's former waterfront home a few months ago and it reminded me of many homes in the Hollywood Hills other than it is situated right on the Puget Sound with a beautiful view of the Olympic Mountains.

It was full of beautiful art and tables that would roll out of a closet transform the living room into a banquet hall.

Evidently Ryan Lewis walked in one day and fell in love with the house. As he wanted to move in at the end of January, the Elgin's had a short time to move out. They downsized from three floors to one, according to this article in the Puget Sound Business Journal. Many people have stress related to downsizing from smaller homes, but the Elgin's seemed to graciously relish the transition.

Thursday, January 23, 2014

I headed up towards Mount Baker over Martin Luther King weekend to hold my vacation cabin listing open. Between customers I was engaged in  day and nighttime photography of the mountain and the stars from the upper deck.

Paying attention in this way brought back to me the peace and stillness of life outside the city and a greater appreciation of a get-away such as this!

This image is an overlay of the sunrise and evening stars, specifically the constellation Orion. I set-up my Nikon D7000 in interval mode to create star trails and thought the image of Orion the best. Orion shows in the early evening a couple of hours after sunset.

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Afternoon walk in Discovery Park from Magnolia
After a few days of consistent rain the clouds disappeared to reveal a blinding sunny day with crisp low temperatures. I took the opportunity to hike around Discovery Park with my dog to get us both a bit of exercise.

With fall moving into winter and the holiday season before us, real estate is following some predicable trends as well. This time of year we see a dip from what we consider the second camel's hump in activity during the year.

If you are looking to buy real estate in Seattle November and December are good times to buy as there are often less buyers in the market. Some sellers are motivated by tax reasons to sell before the end of the year.

If you are thinking of selling the end of the year could be a good time as well - one reason is that interest rates are still low and buyers are motivated. While housing prices are predicted to go up in the spring, buyers are also motivated now before listings get more expensive. There are fewer listings on the market so less competition therefore you will have a bigger buyer pool.

Zillow put on a summit for real estate brokers and I loved listening to their economist. I summarized the talk here.

To summarize, enjoy the upcoming holiday season and if you are interested in real estate, don't be daunted - both buying and selling can have successes!

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

New York and the Adirondacks

As many of my friends know, I got a start in the outdoors when I was very young as my father built a ski lodge. Not just any ski lodge but the Mammoth Mountain Inn. I started skiing, hiking and swimming as soon as I was able and this eventually led to backpacking, rock climbing, river rafting and kayaking.

I've kept up the kayaking and over a decade worked my way through up through the American Canoe Association instructor hierarchy to become an instructor trainer educator.

One way this has paid off for me ties into my love of travel! In August I received a consulting contract in the Adirondacks to oversee an instructor trainer candidate and a Level 2 course held for the wonderful instructors of The Black River Outdoor Education Program.

Aside from the lovely environment in upstate New York, this also fed into my interest in real estate. We were told we would stay in the Wildflower guest cottage. Our cottage was a beautiful two story cottage on a grand scale made of hardwoods.

It is placed on a large piece of property which emulates a great camp such as the ones the early vacationers had. I like to call it a mini great camp!

On the main floor we found the master bedroom and bath, casual living area and a wonderful screened in porch where we managed to have our coffee one morning. The second story had the library and second bedroom with a wonderful four-poster bed.

Our cottage had a kitchenette but the dining room and commercial kitchen are in the lodge next door.

A stroll down a lane through the forest brought me to a carriage house with a horse washing station, and hidden in the woods were more homes and guest houses.

We drove each day to Nick's Lake near Old Forge, New York for our classroom and then were often treated to steak, red wine and chocolate desserts.

My hosts, Jeff and Laura Liebel,  have a canoe and kayak company called WECANU and are also quite involved in the Northern Forest Canoe Trail (dear to my heart as I am the current president of the Washington Water Trail).

I ended up extending my stay and drove as far as Lake Placid, visited a friend on Lower Saranac Lake and toured the Wild Center Natural History Museum.

The architecture of the museum is inspired by studies that show that seeing the living world each day can make one happier and healthier! More than ninety-five percent of the spaces inside have a direct line of sight to the outdoors.

Overall it was an exceptional trip which fed into many of my interests!

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Based on my recent activity it would seem I am not very busy - however I've recently closed one transaction and had two in escrow last week!

In the spring I was in a multiple offer situation on a home in Magnolia and we won - it wasn't easy as the listing broker asked us to return with our highest and best while removing all of our contingencies. As my client had already lost an offer, he wanted to be aggressive and so we won!

It is a great location for him as he works on the Amazon campus at South Lake Union and he can bike or bus to work. In his off time he likes to hike around Discovery Park with his dog or work out at the local climbing gym.

Last week my latest listing closed - it too had its moments of excitement when we received two offers on July 3rd. We passed the pre-inspections and sewer scopes (with one recommendation for a big flush as they found roots and rocks near the house where a bathroom had been added in the basement). Deliberations when on until 1:30pm on Fourth of July when we received the signed-around purchase and sale agreement - great way to celebrate!

Simultaneously I had an offer accepted for another client - while we had lost six offers due to extreme escalations we finally won and came in under list price! The property will be used as a rental until my client downsizes from her six-bedroom home in Magnolia.

One thing to keep in mind when making offers in these competitive climates such as we have in Seattle - you want your offer to be as strong as possible. If multiples offers are asked for we want it to be as strong as possible - a pre-inspection, a closing time agreeable to the seller, cash or strong financing with proof such as a letter from the lender and a consistent earning history. A pre-inspection, while spendy, gives you and the seller peace of mind that you know what you are getting into.

The climate has switched in the last month or so to less multiple offers, less pre purchase inspections and more "regular" offers - offers are sent in with inspection contingencies. It is still good to know if the home one is buying has any issues with knob-and-tube wiring, oil tank decommissioning or leakage, outstanding permits, etc.

I recommend one inspection firm and they have a three-tiered pricing schedule - just over one hundred dollars for a basic walk-through, a bit more for a checklist and close to $400.00 or $500.00 for a full report. The more in-depth reports can be purchased at a later date by request.

There is also another trend I am seeing - with so much hiring from Amazon, Gates Foundation, Microsoft and all of the high tech firms in South Lake Union, Redmond and Bellevue parents from various states are buying condos to use in various times of the year to visit their children who are grown and working in Seattle. I held a condominium open at Ballard Place last weekend and me three sets of parents in this demographic. I might add that Ballard Place is a very clean and well-run condominium that has the feeling of a nice hotel - it has a concierge, fitness room, conference room, computer room, entertainment area (which can be rented for events) and a lovely roof garden with views of the Olympic Mountains.

To contact me or begin your search click here: or

Saturday, June 30, 2012

Sold in Magnolia!
During the last few weeks I worked with a couple on buying a home in Magnolia.

It started out that they had seen a home for sale and wanted to be able to tour it, however we had to make an appointment to enter as a family was still living in it.

We made the call and they said they had just come home but please feel free to stop by. We met them as they were leaving - the father is an architect and had updated their cute Cape Cod house near Discovery Park.

After touring it we wanted to place an offer however it was a multiple offer situation with offers due in two days. To make the offer attractive we hustled to find an inspector to do a pre-inspection the next day. It is a seller's market in Magnolia and most were busy but we finally found one that could come over as long as there wasn't a crawl space (he has a disability).

The home seemed solid and so we drew up an offer with an escalation clause to about twenty-thousand over the asking price. We were beaten by a full cash over ten thousand over!

Back to the drawing board - I set up an auto-search on my buyers criteria and they received them as soon as they came up. After viewing several more homes I sent a link at three, they called at six to see it and we toured it at nine that night. It is a beautiful home, well kept up and updated.

Again we found an inspector and this time put in a very aggressive, clean offer which was accepted that night! Over the next three weeks the financing came through easily as the credit and work histories were solid.

The staging in this home was beautiful and was the owner's own furniture.
The main glitch was the title - the house is on a hill with over a ten-percent grade, yet it had railroad and light-rail easements - a true mystery.

The listing agent decided that the title company was at fault and switched to a new company. The following paperwork came through beautifully and showed the original plat maps going back to the days of Seattle's founding.

We did a walk-through after the furniture was moved out and found no problems and completed the sale!

I really enjoyed working with this couple and we became friends. One thing I loved was their environmental sensitivity - for example, it is very important to bike or take the bus to work so all routes were tested in advance!

Much luck and happiness to them as first-time home buyers!

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Reminiscing of summer and fall, moving into Christmas

I didn't spend too much time at the computer this year - I mostly traveled with iPhone in hand!

After driving to the Outdoor Retailer show in Salt Lake City last August, I decided to visit the four corners area before heading to Yellowstone to visit my aunt.

I visited and camped at several national monuments, parks and native american sites. Navajo National Monument, Hubble Trading Post, Canyon de Chelly, Chaco Canyon and Mesa Verde were some of my favorites. When it is hot I found it best to pull in near dusk and leave before noon.

From Mesa Verde I headed to Jackson Hole and Yellowstone. I joined my aunt on an early morning "safari" and we were fortunate to see grizzly bears and a family of wolves in addition to the bison, deer and fantastic scenery. As a tour guide I appreciated the knowledge and agenda. While I am a do-it-yourself kind of gal, I would highly recommend this tour.

Luckily I had a kayak course to look forward to in Florida.
After the course near Naples, I shot across the state to see The Adams Family in West Palm Beach and then toured the keys, accomplishing something I had always wanted to do - I got a certification in scuba! - I can stay under the water for long periods of time and keep company with the fish!

Amoray Dive Resort is one stop shopping for this. They were recommended by the local visitor's center as they had one of the last rooms (low-key with kitchenettes) available and it turns out one of their instructors, Dan, was available to work with me for two days. With his help I managed to plow through the text book, take the test and accomplish the pool and four dives.

Meanwhile the online store is up-to-date with all the UPC codes - - just in time for Christmas!

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Salmon la Sac

I went with friends on a little cross country ski trip near Rolsyn - up the river, up the road and then onto a little trail along the Waptus River.

Overall it was a beautiful day in our own private snow globe. The Salmon la Sac seemed to glow an iridescent green under it's cover of snow and ice, an image that will remain with me for a long time.