Saturday, June 30, 2012

Sold in Magnolia!
During the last few weeks I worked with a couple on buying a home in Magnolia.

It started out that they had seen a home for sale and wanted to be able to tour it, however we had to make an appointment to enter as a family was still living in it.

We made the call and they said they had just come home but please feel free to stop by. We met them as they were leaving - the father is an architect and had updated their cute Cape Cod house near Discovery Park.

After touring it we wanted to place an offer however it was a multiple offer situation with offers due in two days. To make the offer attractive we hustled to find an inspector to do a pre-inspection the next day. It is a seller's market in Magnolia and most were busy but we finally found one that could come over as long as there wasn't a crawl space (he has a disability).

The home seemed solid and so we drew up an offer with an escalation clause to about twenty-thousand over the asking price. We were beaten by a full cash over ten thousand over!

Back to the drawing board - I set up an auto-search on my buyers criteria and they received them as soon as they came up. After viewing several more homes I sent a link at three, they called at six to see it and we toured it at nine that night. It is a beautiful home, well kept up and updated.

Again we found an inspector and this time put in a very aggressive, clean offer which was accepted that night! Over the next three weeks the financing came through easily as the credit and work histories were solid.

The staging in this home was beautiful and was the owner's own furniture.
The main glitch was the title - the house is on a hill with over a ten-percent grade, yet it had railroad and light-rail easements - a true mystery.

The listing agent decided that the title company was at fault and switched to a new company. The following paperwork came through beautifully and showed the original plat maps going back to the days of Seattle's founding.

We did a walk-through after the furniture was moved out and found no problems and completed the sale!

I really enjoyed working with this couple and we became friends. One thing I loved was their environmental sensitivity - for example, it is very important to bike or take the bus to work so all routes were tested in advance!

Much luck and happiness to them as first-time home buyers!

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