Sunday, February 28, 2010

The Big Island

I joined friends on the big island of Hawaii and basked in Paradise for one week. As it was a last minute trip, I made it an adventure by having very few plans. Thanks to my friends, the iPhone, Yelp and word of mouth, I found great places to stay and took some wonderful hikes and swims.

As Yelp was so helpful I created an account and added reviews: Yelp Reviews.

Our trip to the Green Sand Beach was incredible. We hiked in along the coast watching humpback whales breach and then dove into the water as our reward. I swam underwater and thought I heard a goat bleating; of course it was really a whale sounding from outside the bay, but at first I was shocked as it seemed to be right next to me!

The picture of these whales as taken right off the deck of a house I shared with my friends at Moiliili, the last fishing village on the Big Island. As one local said, however, it is important to get off the deck and onto the lava.